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Paragliding – A Phenomenal Roller Coaster Flight

We had spent the past two weeks backpacking and exploring the cities of Leh-Ladakh, Agra and Jaipur; from the Chadar Trek in the Himalayas to Taj Mahal to City Palace, Jantar Mantar, Hawa Mahal, Amber Fort, and Jal Mahal. We had fallen in love with India’s landscapes, cityscapes, architecture and culture; and now we wereRead more Paragliding – A Phenomenal Roller Coaster Flight

Rwenzori Mountains-The Mystical Challenge

On the evening of 28/6/2017 I wrote on Facebook: ‘If I didn’t die on this mountain, am not going anywhere. Am going to live! Ask my shoes!’ I had just descended from the Rwenzori Mountains and was back to civilization at a hotel in Fort Portal, Uganda. Flash back to June 19, 2017 when theRead more Rwenzori Mountains-The Mystical Challenge

50 Shades of Blue and Green

My IG handle is @gracawangu and in social circles I am known as an outdoor and adrenaline junkie, a hiker, a mountain climber, a traveler and an amateur photographer. Over the years, I have taken countless trips to hills, mountains, rivers, lakes, forests, parks, reserves, cities and towns within and beyond Kenya borders. It wasRead more 50 Shades of Blue and Green